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Adventures of Sam Spade

Adventures of Sam Spade was an immensely popular crime detective series broadcast from 1946 to 1951 on ABC, CBS, and NBC respectively. Over 200 episodes were produced. The eponymous private eye Sam Spade was created by the best-known hard-boiled detective novelist Dashiell Hammett for his book The Maltese Falcon in 1941.

The radio series starred Howard Duff as Sam Spade and Lurene Tuttle as his secretary Effie.

There are 67 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Sam And The Psyche August 2, 1946
The Adam Figg Caper October 5, 1947
The Convertible Caper June 15, 1947
The Bow Window Caper November 9, 1947
The Bouncing Betty Caper December 12, 1948
The Vaphio Cup Caper August 22, 1948
The Lawless Caper August 29, 1948
The One Hour Caper January 4, 1948
The Critical Author Caper August 15, 1948
The Bluebeard Caper August 8, 1948
The Dry Martini Caper August 1, 1948
The Missing Newshawk Caper July 18, 1948
The Mad Scientist Caper July 25, 1948
The Deathbed Caper June 20, 1948
The Lazerus Caper September 12, 1948
The Hot 100 Grand Caper September 19, 1948
The Rushlight Diamond Caper July 4, 1948
The Bail Bond Caper June 27, 1948
The Gold Key Caper January 25, 1948
The Fairley-Bright Caper October 31, 1948
The Dick Foley Caper September 26, 1948
The Quarter-Eagle Caper November 28, 1948
The S-Q-P Caper November 7, 1948
The Sugar Kane Caper October 3, 1948
The Insomnia Caper October 24, 1948

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